Widgets for Christian Science Websites
Prayer Topics - Set One
Widget Reference: PT01 - A spiritual response to trauma
HTML to display this widget
Widget Reference: PT02 - Praying about contagion
HTML to display this widget
Widget parameters available - all colour settings can be web recognised colours or use standard hexadecimal notation
  • HH=Y Hide the header text
  • Most elements have colour parameter settings (their default setting is shown in brackets).
    • For the text:   Title Colour: (TC=333333)     Header Colour: (HC=black)     Content Colour: (CC=333333)
    • For the structure:   Frame Colour: (FC=cccccc)     Background Colour: (BC=white)     Link Colour: (LC=0000cc)
    • For the round navigation buttons:   Navigation Colour: (NC=666666)     Selected Colour: (SC=black).
  • RS=8 The Rotation Speed is the number of seconds before a frame is rotated or changed. A maximum value of 30 and a minimum value of 2 is allowed - the default is 8.
  • WS=D (default) or N (narrow) sets the Widget Size in pixels. ‘D’ is 350 wide x 170 high, ‘N’ is 275 wide x 235 high.