Widgets for Christian Science Websites
What are Widgets?
... are stand-alone applications that can be embedded into a website. They occupy a portion of a webpage and seamlessly display information fetched from other websites.
Why they are useful
  • allow you to easily create customized pages without technical knowledge
  • make the website more dynamic with the latest content (eg Monitor News and Daily Lift items)
  • integrate simply into your webpage, hiding all technical, processing and formatting complexity
  • ensure the content is accurately and independently maintained 24/7
Are they free
No. There is a small fee required to cover their development and ongoing maintenance
  • Each widget is given a reference number for ease of identification when ordering
  • The one-off cost to use a widget on a designated website is £10.00
  • Widgets can be tested on one’s local computer, but can only be implemented on a specific website once the website/widget combination has been registered
How can I trial them on my website
To see what the widgets look like on your website you need to Register your site’s domain name (bottom menu option)
  • Registration allows you ten free days to try out any of the widgets listed on this site
  • you can also experiment with the customisation options to see which best suits your site’s style
How do I pay for those widgets I would like to use on my website
  • Payments via PayPal or Credit Card can only be accepted in pounds sterling (£) - click here for online payments
  • Widgets are registered for use per website, so the URL of the website needs to be specified at the time of payment
  • If formatting options aren’t sufficient, customised changes can be implemented for an additional fee should the formatting be non generic in nature - the level of fee is determined by the amount of customisation required
Responsive Widgets
Responsive versions of some of these widgets, and other new ones, can be found at responsivewidgets.christianscience.org.uk.