Widgets for Christian Science Websites
Daily Thought from Weekly Bible Lesson
Widget Reference: DT01
HTML (with all default settings) to display this widget
Widget with sample parameter settings
HTML (with parameter settings) to display this widget
Widget parameters available
  • SZ=L, S or F Use this to control the size of the Quotes frame. The default of ‘L’ (large) has a width of 285 pixels, whilst ‘S’ (small) option has only 205 pixels - font size and text positioning are adjusted accordingly. The Full option is a special case, and utilises the full width of the iframe without graphical backgrounds or framing.
  • BI=BK Set a background image. The default is BK, which displays a Science and Health or Bible book image dependent upon the quote. Other options are DT (‘Daily Thought’ in words) and NONE (no image)
  • Most elements have colour parameter settings (their default setting is shown in brackets). Any web recognised colour can be entered (ie green, red, orange, white), or if known, the web-standard hexadecimal notation (green=008000, blue=0000ff, red=ff0000, orange=ffa500 etc)
    • For the text:   Quote Colour: (QC=251f5c)     Source Colour: (SC=black)     Link Colour: (CC=blue)
    • For the structure:   Frame Colour: (FC=navy)     Background Colour: (BC=white)    
  • Clicking the source of the daily thought will display it in situ in a new window
  • As the background images don't have transparency the background colour parameter is only useful when no background image is selected