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The Christian Science Bible Lesson
Bible Lesson widget (free) from ChristianScience.com
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Complementary widget - reference BL01
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Widget parameters available
  • SZ=X, L, M or S Use this to control the size of the display box. In pixels, the dimensions for each size are as follows: ‘X’ (extra large) is 315 x 155, ‘L’ (large, default) is 235 x 190, ‘M’ (medium) is 220 x 175 and ‘S’ (small) is 200 x 175.
  • Most elements have colour parameter settings (their default setting is shown in brackets). Any web recognised colour can be entered (ie green, red, orange, white), or if known, the web-standard hexadecimal notation (green=008000, blue=0000ff, red=ff0000, orange=ffa500 etc)
    • For the text:   Title Colour: (TC=black)     Subject Colour: (SC=navy)     Link Colour: (LC=navy)
      Link Hover Colour: (LHC=blue)     Button Border Colour: (BBC=cccccc)     Button Hover Colour: (BHC=aaaaaa)
      Date Colour: (DC=black)    
    • For the structure:   Frame Colour: (FC=navy)     Background Colour: (BC=white)